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Outdoor Fire Bowls Fire pits and Chiminea's

Outdoor Fire Bowls Fire pits and Chiminea's

We are pleased to let you know we have added a new category to our website, 'OUTDOOR'.

Our main focus, to begin with, has been to source and introduce to you a range of impressive FIREBOWLS FIRE PITS and CHIMINEA'S.   

During the long months of Covid isolation we have spent much more time not only in our homes but also in our gardens. Spending time outdoors has been a welcome interlude inviting us to relax and switch off from the daily pressures of life. 

Now that we can arrange to meet up with family and friends again in the comfort of our own homes an outdoor fire pit comes as a very welcome garden accessory. It allows us the freedom to socialise and entertain even on those chillier days and evenings. 

Outdoor fire pits and chiminea's have many attributes which are making them a much sought after addition to a garden or patio area. Not only are they a source of warmth once the sun goes down but they create an inviting ambience and focal point for friends and family to gather around, chat and share stories with into the early hours.

Whether you have a small or large outdoor space we have a design led fire pit to meet your individual tastes and preferences.With various style, materials and finishes to choose from we are sure you will find the fire pit best suited to your particular outdoor space requirements.  

Things have moved on a long way since traditional fire pits were made by digging a simple pit in the ground. Fire bowls and chiminea's are increasingly becoming a sought after statement piece for the garden, deck or patio. With this in mind we have chosen fire pits which look just as good when not in use as when burning brightly. 

Choose a fire bowl or chiminea which fits the overall aesthetic of your home. 

Choosing a fire pit as an outdoor designer accessory which is a reflection of the  style of your home interior furnishings and decor is a great way to create flow and connection between your home and garden.

The unique, slender OUTDOOR BLACK AND BRASS FIRE PIT has definite Scandi style credentials which makes it a perfect addition to a pared back and understated contemporary home and garden setting. 


The CONCRETE WOOD BURNING FIREBOWL in a choice of grey cement or black granite has a definite Japandi vibe which is ideal for a low key minimalist  influenced home and deck area.

For those with a more classically decorated home interior complemented by a  garden with an english country theme our rustic CAST IRON FIREBOWL ON STAND would be a great addition to your outdoor space. With a rust oxidised iron finish it will succeed in providing the aged appearance which sits perfectly in this type of traditional setting.


 A Firepit or Chiminea? Which to Choose.

The main characteristic of a fire pit is that it has an open bowl without a chimney. This allows you to burn larger pieces of wood and have a larger fire. A chiminea, on the other hand, has an enclosed bowl which protects it from the wind and a chimney on top to take away any unwelcome smoke.

Fire bowls are obviously better suited to larger gatherings. They allow guests to grab chairs and seat themselves around the whole circumference of the fire. In contrast chimineas only emit heat from one side making them more suited to smaller gatherings of people. 

Chimineas are usually much more slender making them more suited to patios and gardens where space is limited. Fire bowls are usually larger in circumference and distribute the heat all around making them a perfect fit for larger outdoor areas.

This sturdy, solid chiminea is available in a choice of black or oxidised rust. As it is both slender and stylish not only is it a practical solution to a smaller outdoor area but it is definitely an excellent focal point for family and friends. (see pic)


Choose a Fire Bowl or Chiminea You Can Cook On 

Most of us are no doubt use to cooking al fresco on a BBQ but less so on a fire bowl, chiminea or fire pit. When done well this way of cooking can provide a deliciously tasty and intimate outdoor dining experience for family and friends.

The choice of wood used will have a bearing on the outcome of the flavour of the food. Almond, cherry, hickory or mesquite wood have a good burn time and add the best flavour to the food cooked over the fire. Rest assured you do not need to go foraging for these woods, they are quite readily available now. 

Whatever you enjoy cooking on a BBQ you can also cook on a firepit. Steaks, sausages, burgers, skewers of fish, chicken and vegetables will be perfect for cooking over your fire pit grill. A dual purpose fire pit with grill allows you to have a perfect evening keeping your guests both warm and well fed at the same time.

Our impressive large solid cast iron outdoor chiminea comes complete with a stainless steel grill. Not only that but it also has a practical lower shelf for storing the wood logs so they are easily accessible making it easy to keep the fire burning. Style and functionality are perfectly combined. (see pic)

Choose the Best Wood For Your Fire Bowl or Chiminea

We have already identified some of the best woods to burn if you are going to cook over your fire bowl but choice of woods to burn to keep warm is also an important factor. Obviously consideration needs to be given to how much the wood costs, how well it burns, it's toxicity and its environmental impact.

Seasoned,well dried out wood is the most effective for lighting the fire, emitting more heat and less smoke. Wood that has recently been cut has too much moisture content to burn well.

Softwoods like spruce and fir are best for starting the fire and hardwoods for emitting the most heat and lasting longer once the fire is going. The best hardwoods include maple, ash, birch, beech, apple and hickory. 

Please take a little time out to have a look at our innovative range of contemporary fire pits and chiminea's. We are sure you will find one which will be the ideal choice for your outdoor area.  

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