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Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting Ideas

Choosing the best pendant lighting for your Kitchen Island is a perfect way to  transform an ordinary space into one which is chic and stylish. 

Kitchen Islands are often the social hub of the house. Not only are they primarily a space for food prep but also for eating, entertaining and working from home.

Ambient and task lighting has, more often than not, already been taken care of by the installation of recess ceiling spotlights. This means there is plenty of scope for creativity when choosing which pendant lighting to hang over your island.

When hanging pendant lights over a Kitchen Island, don't forget to consider the height and space to allow between each light fitting. Pendant shades need to be at least 30 to 32 ins apart and 6 ins from the edges of the island. Furthermore, if you are considering hanging them quite low, they need to be at least 30 to 36ins above the island. 

Below are several kitchen pendant lighting ideas which will serve to enhance your Kitchen Island area. 

1 Hang Just One or Two Extra Large Pendants 

Choose either one or a pair of larger shades instead of the often go to of three or more smaller ones.

Hanging one or two extra large ceiling shades above the island is a guaranteed way to lift this area and attract admiring attention from visiting friends and family. 

Check out these two oversized opaque glass and netted shades with a unique and modern coastal aesthetic. These pendants add individual style and character to what is otherwise a plain, uninteresting kitchen area. 


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2 Add Exposed Bulbs in Different Shapes and Sizes 

Edison style LED bulbs are an affordable, contemporary, simple and eye-catching way to brighten an otherwise one dimensional kitchen island area.  There are so many styles and designs to go with when choosing exposed bulbs. 

Our very own customised pendant lighting service also allows you the flexibility of adding your choice of cable length and colour as well as your lamp holder  and ceiling rose finish. 


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3 Choose Statement or Designer Lighting to Create Maximum Impact

If you really want to elevate your kitchen island to the next level then consider adding light fittings which are going to be one of the main, if not the main  focus of your kitchen. 

These eye-catching mid century style 6 arm gold sputnik ceiling lights are definitely going to shout out 'look at me' as soon as you enter the kitchen. If you are not the quiet and unassuming type then go for it.


4 Hang Glass Shades to Create More Light

Clear glass pendants are the ideal choice if you want as much light as possible and want to avoid fixtures that are understated and don't disrupt your line of vision regardless of the size.

These classically styled and understated glass shades serve to blend in beautifully with this pared back minimalist kitchen design. 


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5 Introduce pendants with an accent colour to your kitchen

The majority of kitchens are fitted out with kitchen cupboards and worktops in whites, greys and natural wood or wood effects.

To add another dimension and point of interest to your kitchen source pendant kitchen lights which complement and at the same time contrast with the neutral and often safe colours of the kitchen units and tops. 

These earthy green domed pendants add a richness and depth to this otherwise minimalist white kitchen. This accent colour can then be picked up in kitchen accessories including crockery, kitchen towels and prints. It also allows for the addition of botanical prints and plants to soften this space and bring some of the outdoors inside.


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The creative choices for kitchen island pendant lights are wide and varied and very much depend on your own design style and budget. One thing is certain that the right pendant lights over your kitchen island can very much lift this space to another level. 

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