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Meet our maker: Paige Mitchell

Meet our maker: Paige Mitchell

Paige Mitchell has an eclectic style which is reflected in the diverse range of ceramics she has designed and created for us. She loves to experiment with new ideas and styles and this is reflected in the products we stock from the wiggle planters, splatter, line and check mugs to the raw unfinished pots.

Tell us a little about yourself (where you grew up, where you live now, what you get to do in your spare time, if you have any! )

Hey! I am 24, grew up in rural Norfolk, and am now living in Norwich, UK. I studied Illustration as my degree here at NUA, and at this time I also taught myself ceramics.

I generally have no spare time these days as I’m constantly working! I run my own Lifestyle store (Elm.) in the Norwich Lanes, and my studio is situated on the top floor. When I’m not making pots, I’m working in the shop or getting through piles of admin work. I still very much enjoy my illustration, and try to do this as much as possible. I will sometimes spend an evening watching films with my boyfriend and drawing at the same time. I’m also a fan of crochet and have many blankets trawled throughout my house!

-Why ceramics? What and who motivated you to become a ceramicist?

I’ve always found that I have worked best with tangible forms and artworks, so I decided whilst I was in my final year at university I would try my hand at pottery. I took a couple of classes at a local arts centre, and found I had some natural ability for pot making and absolutely loved it! After leaving university I found a local ceramic studio where I could rent a space and continue to explore the craft. This was a great way to keep me moving forward in my creative life, and I would spend pretty much every day I had off there working on bettering my ability!

I love making my illustration work, but always wanted another outlet for this. I’m also a massive fan of simple surface decoration and love experimenting with designs (both structurally and decoratively). I find ceramics goes hand in hand with this.

-Where do you draw your creative inspiration from?

I’m a complete sucker for sitting and scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest. I’m constantly finding images I find beautiful and interesting, and working out if there is any way I can translate these into my ceramics. I also find that making ceramics is so diverse. There are so many different techniques and styles to experiment with, combining these will quite often create something interesting, which will definitely lead to sprouting new ideas!

-How would you describe your style/ethos in one or two sentences?

I find that my style varies quite a bit, in that I take lots of inspiration from multiple different sources. I am currently loving all things natural though, raw/unfinished ceramics with their beautifully tangible qualities, and the visible marks left by the maker are to die for! This definitely comes through in my day to day life as well. I find it is so important to treat the world kindly, and doing things as naturally as possible is the best way to achieve this.

-Describe a typical working day

A typical working day for me starts around 9:30am. I will arrive at the shop with my pooch (Rickley) at my side, make sure everything is ready to go; tills sorted, plants watered, everything looking tidy, etc. The shop will then be handed over to my assistant manager who deals with the majority of things for me these days! I then take myself and Rickley upstairs and get started on making ceramics. This could be anything from throwing, to decorating, to loading up kilns. Generally I have lots of odd jobs which need finishing too, emails and other admin work for example, so I will get these sorted in between my ceramic work. This is a general day until about 5:30pm, but I will often stay later and continue making!

-What do you love/enjoy most about your craft?

I absolutely love how experimental I can be with ceramics. I have always enjoyed exploring new ideas and styles, and ceramics completely supports my need for this. I also love making work which is used in everyday life, I feel it brings that extra level of necessity to the piece.

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