cedarwood wardrobe discs
cedarwood wardrobe discs
Cedarwood Wardrobe Discs

Cedarwood Wardrobe Discs

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These red Cedarwood Wardrobe Discs are from the Swedish brand Iris Hantverk.

The scent of the cedar wood wardrobe discs is refreshing. At the same time the discs act as natures pest repellent. Moths will no longer be chewing away at your clothes

The rings can be put directly on to the clothes hangers in the wardrobe. Alternatively they can be spread out on the bottom of the wardrobe.

When the scent begins to wear off sand the rings lightly with fine sandpaper to release more of the scent.

Do not put these rings directly on clothes as the wood may leave a grease stain.

These discs are part of our Iris Hantverk collection. The products are made by six visually impaired craftsmen. These craftsmen primarily make brushes for the home according to an old Swedish tradition dating back to the 1900's. Our customers really appreciate the feeling and quality of these brushes made mostly from natural materials.

Product Information:

Red Cedarwood| H: 1cm Diam: 4.5cm

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