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Confessions of a Shopkeeper

Confessions of a Shopkeeper

By 24/10/2018 No Comments

We have decided to start a series of blog posts running under the name of ‘Confessions of a Shopkeeper’. As well as updating you with all things homewares and Room 356, we also wanted to give you a little insight into the reality of running a shop and small independent business.

We wouldn’t change a thing about running our own business, but there are always challenges along the way. There are only so much business books you can read, the only way you can learn is from making your own mistakes and adapting. As you may be aware retail is a tough game and many shops are facing many challenges in these uncertain times. But now is also a very exciting time to start your own business. I truly believe that retail is due a huge overhaul. It’s time to be creative and bring new retail experiences to our customers. After all the customer is at the heart and soul of any business. With social media dominating the way we perceive the world nowadays, we as business owners tend to be blind sided by reality vs social media ‘reality’. Yes it’s wonderful to have an abundance of followers and Instagram is a great way to build brand loyalty. It’s been a great tool for our business. But are we engaging our customers enough in order for them to want to buy from us again and again. Because this is the only way that our businesses are going to survive. It’s one thing gaining new followers and customers but how to we keep them in order for our businesses to stay alive? Our business is only 4 years old at the end of this month and we are still in the early stages of where we want to be but it’s already been a great journey. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of it so far!


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