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Cool Independent Coffee Shops

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Cool independent coffee shops can be hard to find, many are soulless places where little emphasis has been placed on interior styling. Towns and cities are full of the large coffee branded chains with unimaginative design credentials. We have discovered some independent coffee shops which not only serve great coffee but invite customers to drink their coffee in style. 

We have chosen five amazingly cool coffee shops from around the world where a minimalist aesthetic combined with functionality has created spaces that provide a true coffee experience. These stripped back cafes make the most of the space they have. They are places of quiet and calm away from the hustle and bustle of the towns and cities they are located in.  These are cafes we would love to relax and enjoy some quality time with friends and colleagues .

Voice of Coffee

The ‘Voice of Coffee’ in Kobe was completed in 2018 by Japanese design team Yusuke Seki. The pared back design has meant keeping all the existing structural features including untreated concrete walls, an unfinished drop ceiling and exposed air ducts. A former barbers shop, the 3 letters AAA above the entrance are a remnant from then and are there so customers are aware of it’s history. The front of the shop has been set back from the pavement and opened up as a glass front. This has created an ‘engawa’ which is a traditionally Japanese threshold space between the shop and the interior. Customers can sit and drink their coffee in this light open space protected from the elements whilst having the experience of sitting outdoors.


‘Milkys’ is a small, unique coffee retreat in the city of Toronto designed by Canadian architects Batay-Csorba. The 300sq ft space has an airy and fresh ambience.  The 1,300 elongated diamond like white and oak wood wall and ceiling panels fill the cafe creating an amazing geometric circular effect. There is an absence of furniture and the slim shelving and small nooks are the only available surfaces. The ceiling lights have been designed to copy the sun’s cycle and not interfere with our delicate arcadian rhythms. Cabinets, counter tops and the coffee machine are all white to add to the feeling of space and light.


‘Bloom-n-Brew’ in Moscow has been designed by Russian architects,  AsKetik, and is located in a former silkworm factory. The minimalist interior has been styled around basic functional materials including white powder coated profiled sheeting usually used for roofs and fences, white brick walls and an white open ceiling with white ducting. Simple black bar stools, black and white metal and oak wood chairs and tables emphasize the understated ethos. A few plants add softness and calm to the space.

Cafe Latorta

‘Cafe Latorta’ located in Pontevedra, Spain  is a cafe where there is an emphasis is on the baked goods as well as the coffee. Nan Architects set out to bring together tradition with contemporary design and create a space which gave the impression of being in a handcraft oven.The indirect lights have an orange hue which is found in the fire of a traditional wood burning oven. As in many minimalist designed cafes white is the dominant colour and was not only chosen for it’s light giving qualities and feeling of space but also to reflect the main ingredient of cream in the latorta, which is the cafes signature baked tart.

Bonanza Roastery Cafe

‘Bonanza Roastery Cafe’ situated in Berlin and designed by Interior Design Firm, Modiste, is an open and airy contemporary space. The white walls, floors, tall white painted columns and huge arched windows all work in harmony to create a cafe full of light and calm. The golden oak wood tables, chairs and serving stations add a warmth to the whole area. A grid wall separates the production and roasting area from the serving area and hides the dishwashers and boilers.




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