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Our New Range of LED Bulbs

By 10/09/2018 No Comments

At last we have sourced a range of filament style LED bulbs that offer style as well as quality.

The company behind the eye-catching LED bulbs are passionate about innovative lighting that will transform into and create a pleasant ambience to be in.

Sustainability without compromising on good design is a very important consideration in our choice of products. These bulbs combine the design appeal of Edison style lighting with energy saving technology. On average they provide a 90% energy saving and if, for example, lit for 5 hours per day would last for approximately 8 years.

We offer a selection of LED bulbs in varying shapes, sizes and decorative filaments.

The teardrop bulbs in a choice of squirrel and spiral filaments and the medium squirrel globe are ideal for lighting our glass pendant shades.

spiral teardrop LED filament bulb

Teardrop Spiral Filament Bulb £20.00

teardrop LED filament bulb
                                                       Teardrop LED filament Bulb £14.00

                                                           Glass Pendant Shade from £25.00
The extra- large spiral and squirrel filament bulbs are a perfect accompaniment for our exposed flex and fitting pendant and plug in set-ups . The new sophisticated cork pendant and plug in range are ideal partners for these bulbs.
Extra Large Globe LED Filament bulb                                                     Extra Large LED filament Bulb £18.00
   Extra Large Spiral Globe LED Filament Bulb

Extra large Spiral Bulb £24.00

                                                       Blackened Cork Wall Light £150.00
The bulbs are tinted to soften the light and the amber coated filaments give off a relaxing warm glow creating a cosy ambience. The fact that they are compatible with a dimmer switch means they can be turned as low as you want depending on the mood you want to create.

Shop our range of LED Bulbs here.

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