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Pick a Planter

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Pick a planter from our popular handmade collection of pots.

We are currently experiencing a big increase in sales of our pots and planters. To meet this demand we are continuing to source an interesting mix of handmade ceramic, recycled and waterproof paper, rubber, terrazzo and concrete pots and planters. In various shapes, sizes and colours these pots are ideal for smaller plants, cacti, succulents and herbs.

Pick a Planter from our unique and stylish collections:

Our handmade ceramic ranges include the Nordic inspired snow dimple glazed and half glazed pots which have been made exclusively for room356 by the talented Manchester based ceramicist, Tone Von Krogh. We have also recently added a really cute mini hanging planter from Tone to complement this range.

Another addition to our artisan handmade collection are the delightful check and wiggle planters, white brushstroke and raw clay planters from the creative UK based Paige Mitchell.

With sustainability in mind our customers love the innovative range of recycled and waterproof paper pots we have sourced from Denmark. The unique fair trade collection is inspired by nature and the environment.

Heavy industrial style handmade concrete planters continue to be a firm favourite as do our stylish handmade terrazzo pots in white and pink. Scandinavian simplicity is at the fore with this range.

Black and grey rubber pots and planters from family run business Sej design offer a refreshing contrast to the more conventional materials.  Sej is a family run business which started over a century ago making rubber soles for shoes and has successfully moved to designing and making distinctive home accessories.


Our varied selection of plant pots can be mixed and matched to create interesting groupings on shelves, tables and window sills.

Indoor plants are a great way to transform the feel and look of a space. If you want to bring instant life to a room without having to blow the budget or get involved in lengthy DIY projects then plants are an ideal way to do this.

There are many psychological and physical benefits to growing plants in the home. They have been found to reduce stress levels as well as improve mood, concentration and memory.  Studies have found that having a selection of plants in a room improves air quality whilst at the same time reducing blood pressure, anxiety, fatigue and headaches.

 Just a word of advice, if possible leave the plants in their plastic pots and take out of the planters to water and allow to drain before putting back in their decorative pots.

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