birch wood clothes brush

Birch Wood Clothes Brush

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This oil treated handcrafted Birch Wood Clothes Brush is from the Swedish brand Iris Hantverk.

The traditional birch wood clothes brush has soft and natural horse hair bristles. Maintain and care for your clothes with a stylish long handled brush which makes it easier to access the back and sleeves.

With a few simple strokes the brush removes dirt, dust and hair gently without damaging the fabric. Prolong the life of your clothes by using regularly.

As the bristles in these products are sewn in rather than glued they are much more durable than those found in plastic brushes.

The Iris Hantverk collection is made by six visually impaired craftsmen. These craftsmen make brushes for the home according to an old Swedish tradition dating back to the 1900's. Our customers really appreciate the feeling and quality of these brushes made mostly from natural materials.

Product Information:

Oil treated beech and horsehair| L: 35cm W: 3.7cm H: 3cm

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