Round Unglazed Bud Vase

Round Unglazed Bud Vase

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The Round Unglazed Bud Vase is part of a stunning wheel thrown collection of ceramics made and signed by Julija Pustorvh in her Edinburgh based studio. Visiting remote parts of Scotland she brings back jars of sand which she then mixes with porcelain clay and stoneware to create unique pots. 

The beauty of nature and Julijas deep connection to the seascape is reflected in the shape, texture and colour patterns of each earthenware vase.  

Julijas love of the Scottish landscape is reflected in these little pots and as she says herself 'the layered appearance of clay and sand combinations also add a typography-like colouring to my work, creating imaginary sandscapes'.

The raw tactile texture, organic shape and soft earthy colours of each unglazed ceramic vase result in creating a vase which brings a welcome touch of calming nature to any interior space.   

Simple and understated each of these stoneware vases is perfect as a stand alone minimalist piece on a shelf, side table or windowsill. Add a single stem of foliage or a few stems of dried grasses for a more decorative effect. For a larger ornamental display mix several bud vases together in various shapes and sizes on one of our concrete trays. 

NB: Please note the piece you receive may not be exactly the same as those in the images shown. There will be some variation in pattern and slight variation in size.        

We are continually adding new vases to our collection as they are always very popular with our customers. It is a carefully curated collection which can be added to at any time. Our vases also are a welcome gift for that special occasion  of a friend or family member. 

Product Information:

Stoneware Clay Porcelain and Sand | H: approx. 9cm Vase Diam: approx 10 cm (at widest)

Rinse by hand in warm water as is unglazed.

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