Terracotta Latte Coffee Mug
Terracotta Latte Coffee Mug
Terracotta Latte Coffee Mug

Terracotta Latte Coffee Mug

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Make every coffee or tea break a special experience. Sit back and slowly sip from this handcrafted quality terracotta latte coffee mug. 

Just like the coffee or tea you drink the terracotta latte coffee mug is made of natural materials.

The original, beautiful texture of the clay has been preserved on the outer layer to give a delicate and tactile finish. This finish becomes softer the longer it is used. The inside has a clean ivory white glazed finish for durability.

All products are handmade in a Vietnamese workshop with a focus on sustainability as well as craftsmanship. The cooperation with this small producer has been recognized by the EU as a program supporting the local economy. 

All products are  baked at 1,200-1,250 ° C , the high temperature makes the clay compact and the product durable and strong. Due to temperature differences in the oven, beautiful nuances in size and color arise.

This timeless tableware collection is made up of four colour finishes. These are teal, dark grey, speckled grey and terracotta.

All products are designed by Archive Studios which is a Dutch company owned by partners Wouter and Lynn. Their philosophy is to 'start small and grow slowly'. They aim to expand their product ranges slowly to enable customers to build up their collection over time.

Product Information: 

Ceramic Stoneware | Volume 200 ml | H: 11 cm Diam: 6.8 cm | Dishwasher and microwave safe

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