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Slow Coffee Culture

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The origins of Slow Coffee can be found in the Slow Food Movement founded in the 1980’s.

Carlo Petrini, an Italian political activist termed the phrase ‘slow food’ as a reaction to the opening of  McDonalds’ in Rome. It was a stand against the fast food offered by the chain and inspired Carl Honore to publish ‘In Praise of Slowness’ in 2004. Honore named the Slow Movement and promoted its ethos saying ‘It is a cultural revolution against the notion that faster is always better across fashion, photography, education, food, travel….slow is beautiful’. It’s about savouring the hours and minutes rather than just counting them.

This way of thinking found its way to coffee and the slow coffee culture began. It is now growing at a steady rate in many countries including the UK and America. The slower ‘pour over method’ of making coffee is a refreshing contrast to the process involved in making an instant or espresso based coffee.

This method appeals to the increasing number of people who value quality over speed. It is an opportunity to take time out and enjoy the process of grinding high quality beans fresh and the smell and taste of a coffee dripped through a small glass carafe or poured over a coffee brewer which sits directly over the cup.

Free from the complexities of most modern coffee machines the coffee brewers used consist of a few simple components. They are minimal and functional in design and perfect for the coffee connoisseur. In Japan the ritual of the slow hand dripped pour is like a meditation. It is designed to bring the joy of a slow, relaxing passage of time and a deeper fuller coffee experience. With the above in mind we have sourced a stylish range of beautifully crafted Japanese Coffee Brewer Sets, mugs and tumblers.

Our two and four cup porcelain slow coffee brewers can be used with paper or stainless steel filters. The clean lines and octagonal shape make them easy to pick up and the curved rim makes the placing and removing of paper filters quick and easy. 


Both porcelain brewers sit nicely on the handcrafted mugs from the same company. The Asian inspired blue and pink artisan mugs are part glazed and part matt. Their  wide arched handles are comfortable to hold and to savour your perfectly made coffee from. 


Our two cup stainless steel filter glass coffee brewer set and four cup brass coffee brewer stand set provide the perfect opportunity for you to sit and relax for a while . Switch off your phone, step away from your laptop, smell the beans, watch the slow drip and enjoy the full taste of a really good cup of coffee. 



Truly great coffee requires time, care and love. Find joy in making and drinking coffee for its own sake rather than just for the caffeine high it brings.  The lift it does bring can lead to creativity and enjoyment of the day ahead and not, as is often the case, a mindless rush. The most important thing however is to not take this coffee making process too seriously you forget to enjoy it.

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