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Wall Art You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

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We had been thinking for a while about extending our range of wall art and eventually decided to add to our already popular range of simple and understated monochrome and botanical themed prints.

We also wanted to introduce an exclusive Room 356 collection of wall art and with this in mind we approached Kate Merrick, an artist originating from the northwest, whose work we have long admired. We are delighted that Kate was so enthusiastic about doing a collaboration with ourselves and we are thrilled with the four amazing prints she has created for us.  

Kate has produced two monochrome line drawings of women which look good individually or mixed with other prints from our collection. The ‘woman with earring’ and ‘woman with glasses’ prints are head and shoulder portraits which capture a feel of two strong independent women. The artist herself has said about them ‘I wanted the drawings to have a touch of confidence and individuality about them so chose to include distinctive features such as glasses and earrings. I think this also gives them a sense of individuality’.  


These line drawings have an understated beauty where less is definitely more. Reducing a drawing to its basics and concentrating on the most important features has created a clear statement of who these women are.  Kate has said about line drawings ‘line drawings are pretty amazing because although they appear simple to the viewer, each line has to be really thought through. This kind of drawing can actually take longer than a detailed painting.’

The second two posters Kate has produced are of rich green leaves and foliage against contrasting  fresh white backgrounds to creates maximum impact. Botanical prints are a great way to bring the current trend for nature and in particular plant life into your home without the need to introduce real plants which require ongoing attention and care. Kate has said ‘depth and vibrancy’ were the main elements she wanted to capture in these prints and she definitely has done that. In both the ‘Botanical Leaves’ and ‘Monstera’ posters the vibrant greens of the leaves and the details in the small irregular shapes and lines make these prints come alive.


Wall art


We invite you to shop our full range of prints at your leisure. Now the rest is up to you and your own individual taste and creativity. Mixing and matching to make a statement with a wall full of prints or selecting one single print to hang in the corner of a room in a cool understated way, the choice is yours.

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