Our Values

 We are very aware that we have a very serious responsibility to be doing the most we can to make our business as eco friendly as is possible. We have already made very conscious efforts to do this in ways we will discuss below. At the same time we are continuing to explore more steps we can take to protect the planet and respect the people living on it.   


Our Products

 Made in the UK

 We already partner with many UK based makers with a focus on ethical and sustainable brands of homeware. Our intention is to further increase this offering which in turn will also increasingly reduce our carbon footprint.

The products we do offer which are from non-UK based companies are not only chosen for their aesthetic credentials but also, in most cases, their emphasis on using sustainable materials and production methods.


Order in Small Quantities / Made To Order

 We are continuing to streamline our business so as not to carry unnecessary levels of stock which in turn may go unsold. More and more we are working  with reputable suppliers who offer the opportunity to buy their products in small quantities. 

Our FSC Certified sustainable Plywood Furniture Range is crafted within a mile of our premises and also made to order. This also avoids overstocking and wastage as well as reducing its carbon footprint. This furniture is also flat packed which reduces it's transport space and therefore overall carbon emissions. 


Product Quality

 When choosing new products to add to our homeware collections we make every effort to source items that not only are being made from endurable natural eco friendly materials but are also classic and timeless pieces that will last . We would like our customers to be able to make considered planet friendly homeware choices rather than focusing solely on what might turn out to be wasteful homeware trends.  


Our Packaging  

 Where possible we use recycled and recyclable packaging including paper tape and recyclable FSC cardboard boxes. We also use bio-degradable Eco fill, which consists of small potato chips that dissolve in water. 

 We have reduced our use of plastics including bubble wrap and plastic pillows. Instead we now have paper bubble wrap and brown paper to protect most of our orders in transit. Where we do use plastic packaging it is what a few suppliers have used to send products to ourselves. Whenever we can we also re-use cardboard boxes and paper packaging we have received from our suppliers.

Our stickers and with compliments cards are made from vegetable ink.  

We no longer include paper invoices in our packaged orders.


Our Delivery + Returns

 Our aim is to have as little in the way of damages and returns as possible. We try to minimise returns through our detailed descriptions and imagery. We also check items for any flaws before they are sent out.

Our damage rate has been greatly reduced through the tried and tested packaging methods we employ. We use as little packaging as possible and the correct sized boxes for each item. There are some cases where we may need to use a little more packaging than you might expect due to the fragile nature of a product.

Some of our products are sent straight from the maker/ company to the customer. This serves to reduce carbon emissions and also avoids the need to over order and carry 'surplus to requirements stock.'

We use Express Delivery for larger items to reduce environmental impact. We also use couriers such as Yodel who have committed to social responsibility. You can read more about their Corporate Social Responsibility here.


What Our Customers Can Do To Help

We appreciate you have more than likely already adopted the practices below but hope you don't object to us making the following suggestions.

 Before ordering a product, please check the measurements and ensure that the item/s are correct for the space they are to be placed in. This minimises the need to return a product . 

If your purchase is to replace an existing item consider reselling, recycling or taking to a charity shop the item being replaced. 

Whenever possible please recycle or reuse the packaging you receive from us.

To all our customers please rest assured that sustainable homeware is our focus and that we will continue to improve our eco credentials as much as we are able in the months and years to come.