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Holistic Interiors

Holistic Interiors

Creating a home which has a sense of wellness that will make you feel happier, healthier and more productive.

Holistic Interiors support the mind, body and soul, combining Biophilic design, bringing the outside indoors. 

The inspiration behind Holistic Interior Design is to create a space that promotes your mental and physical health. This can be done through introducing textures and colours that are calming and closely connected to nature. A range of colours can evoke a range of emotions so it's important to remember how you want each room in your home to make you feel and what you will use it for.

It is not just about the latest interior trends, people need more from their homes now than just being Instagram worthy. It is how our homes make us feel and how they can improve our overall wellbeing. Not only do our homes need to look aesthetically stylish they also need to reflect our lifestyles and our personalities. 

Holistic interiors should have a connection to how you think and feel. When you come home at the end of your working day or whether you work from home you want a space that will be relaxing and in some areas productive. It is all about creating a home that works for you.

Life can feel busy and stressful at times and we are always striving for some balance. It is easy to get caught up in your day to day and forget about your wellbeing. We wanted to provide you with some tips to create a Holistic interior decor.

Bringing the outdoors inside

Interiors that are closely connected to nature boost our productivity. We can create this look by using natural materials such as wood, textures and house plants. 
Also think about natural light and how it can be incorporated into your space. Maybe if you create a home office you would like your desk to be positioned near a window, where the natural light floods in. It could make you more productive and happier in your working environment. 

Using house plants or greenery can promote well being into your environment and they have lots of benefits. Some of the key benefits are improved mood, reduced stress and even improved attention span. See this post here.


Neutral Colours

Different colours in interior design can evoke a range of emotions. Specific colours can affect our emotional and mental state. Some can overstimulate but we are trying to build a sense of wellbeing. Neutral colours can promote wellness. Using colours such as blacks, whites and browns create balance. Green tones can calm your mind and help you focus. You can use accent colours through the use of accessories, or you can use paint to create the tone and ambience of the room.
Lighter colours help reflect any natural light and dark walls have been found to create a more sombre feeling, which can feel depressing at times for peoples mental state. 
Cooler tones such as blues and greens are better suited to areas in which you want to relax in. 
Warmer colours have been known to create a more energising space, making your more alert, productive and sociable. 

When using these colours in your own home, it is advisable to think about how you will be using the room and the emotional state you wish to evoke.

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