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How To Decorate A  Minimalist Living Room

How To Decorate A Minimalist Living Room

A new year, a new start. January is a perfect time to take down the festive decorations, declutter our homes and create a  more inviting and tranquil home environment. 

Here we will offer tips on How To Decorate A Minimalist Living Room. Pared back and stylish design need not require a large budget. 

A minimalist interior is often thought of as being cold and boring. Instead it can be  a warm and peaceful sanctuary in which to unwind and let go of mental as well as physical clutter. 

Minimalism encourages us to buy with purpose with both design and function in mind. In this time when sustainability is more important than ever it also is a perfect time to invest in fewer and better quality products.

The minimalist ethos invites us to buy furniture and home accessories with purpose; objects that will stand the test of time.  It is also a great opportunity to consider re-purposing what we may already have in our homes.  

A good start to creating the perfect minimalist living room is to use a backdrop of muted or monochrome colours on walls and paintwork. We can then build on this by adding character, interest and personality in art, furniture, lighting and home accessories. When introducing any of these it is important to always consider texture, shape and colour. 

Furniture and accessories should be functional and simple in design. A minimalist room should consist of a few key quality pieces.

Our understated Scandi Display Shelves offer a great opportunity not only to store a few necessary items but also to showcase one or two decorative vases and small prints in an uncluttered and tidy way .  

Another multifunctional piece of furniture which can be used for storage and display and at the same time add an accent colour in an otherwise monochrome room is our Olive Lowdown Locker by Mustard Made. It makes a great storage  plus media unit. It also creates an area for adding natural greenery which will add softness and freshness to what might otherwise prove a sterile area.Also introducing colour in small amounts can really lift a rooms otherwise monochrome palette.

One sure way to add interest and personality to your room is to include one large piece of artwork. Our bold and stylish 50 x 70cms Sofia Lind Prints will serve to liven up a plain white wall without feeling imposing. Her black and white 'Waiting' poster has a simplicity which makes it a perfect addition to a pared back living room aesthetic.

Comfort and warmth need not be compromised when choosing decor for a room with minimalist style credentials. One way is to use fabrics such as wool and velvet in sofas, cushions and rugs and warms woods in dining, coffee and side tables. 

The natural textures of our Large Rope Lampshade and Wicker Chair add a feel of contrast, depth and softness to this all white backdrop.

Matt stoneware ceramics are another quick and simple way to bring more texture into your minimalist living space. We have a beautiful monochrome collection of stoneware vases which are ideal for adding that final understated touch to an understated living space. Whether you decide to just add one larger piece or group several together they will sit easily with your other minimalist decor.  

This contemporary, softly curved matte white vase is perfect as a stand alone piece or filled with one or two stems of natural foliage. It is part of a carefully curated selection of handmade and artisan vases which are ideal for incorporating interesting shapes, textures and heights into empty alcoves and corners.

Embracing minimalism in all areas of our lives is one way to consider simplifying our day to day lifestyles. It will encourage us to buy and accumulate less stuff which in turn is obviously good for the environment. Hopefully it will also give us a feeling of being more in control of  our lives and consequently improve our mental and emotional health.