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Our New Range Of Ceramics

Our New Range Of Ceramics

We have added a new range of handmade ceramics focused on durability and design. Every item is made by hand, making each piece unique.

The brand behind the handmade ceramics Archive Studio

'We really wanted to create a product line with our own vision. Sustainability, quality and craftsmanship play a major role in this.

The entire collection is handcrafted in a workshop in Vietnam where craft has been the basis of production for generations. We visited the workshop and saw how much dedication and expertise went into the making of these products. It feels very good to work with this supplier. ' 

What makes each piece so special and unique?  

 The outside of the coffee cup has a matte finish where the texture of the clay can be felt. The inside has an coloured glaze layer that ensures good protection of the product. The way in which the two finishes come together on the edge of each product creates the characteristic look of this collection.

Teal Coffee Cup £11.00

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The Column Collection has a rib structure on the outside. As colour pigments are mixed with the liquid clay in the initial process, both the inside and the outside have the same enamel glaze. 

White Column Coffee Cup £12.00

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