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Wall Art Ideas

Wall Art Ideas

 The type of Wall Art we decide to hang in our home is very much down to our own personal choice. It is more often than not a reflection of who we are, what we want to say and the ambience we wish to create. 

When considering Wall Art Ideas it is good to give ourselves the time to look at the room in question, the overall wall space and the placement and style of our existing furnishings and home accessories.

These are all factors which will help us pick the type or types of wall art most suitable both for the room and most likely to sit comfortably with our individual taste.

Choosing the piece or pieces of wall art for a living room would, more often than not, be different from that you might choose to hang in a bedroom. It will very much depend on the type of the mood you wish to introduce into the room.  

The appealing large wall print 'Meet Me at Jaures' by Swedish artist Sofia Lind is a perfect way to create a soft romantic feminine mood. It will prove a more popular choice for display in a bedroom rather than a living, dining or kitchen space. 

 There are so many wonderful and unique wall art ideas from which to choose. These include original artwork, abstract prints, line drawings, photo art and typography.

Below are some suggestions which we hope will be worth bearing in mind and help in the wall art decisions you eventually make.  

Use Bold Wall Art As A Focal Point

We may want to consider a piece of wall art which is going to be the focal point of the whole room or of an otherwise blank, uninspiring wall space. This could be an oversized bold print or a colourful original artwork that is going to shout 'look at me'. 

This striking original large oil canvas by Danielle Nelisse is definitely a piece of art which makes a statement. The elements of colour included in the artwork have also acted as inspiration when choosing the addition of colour accents for the home accessories and lighting.

This is a perfect example of a piece of art adding style, interest and life into what could otherwise prove to be a very plain, non descript room.    


Add Drama With An Art Wall

Another way to use wall art to add drama and personality to a room is to create an art wall. Curating a gallery wall requires thought and planning if it is going to make an impact and not look like it has been thrown together. 

It is important to remember the choice of frame as well as the art to go in it will have a bearing on the overall effect. Experiment with varying layouts and maybe lay the framed art out on the floor first the way you are planning to configure it on the wall. 

The art wall below has a mixture of different designs including simple as well as bold and graphic art prints and hand drawn line art. The different sized frames  are a mix of oak wood and white oak which serve to draw the prints together.The frames work alongside the beige and black tones in the posters to create an overall sense of balance and cohesion.


Hang Neutral Abstract Wall Art to Complement Existing Décor

In a room where a much more understated mood is the order of the day it is a good idea to look at choosing art which is far less bold and colourful than the options seen above. Neutral abstract wall art is a perfect way to add interest and depth to a wall space without dominating a room as illustrated in the print below.

The 'One Way' poster by Anna Johansson below achieves a cool and calming aesthetic with it's simple design and soothing tones. This print blends effortlessly with the existing low key decor. This is a great example of Scandinavian art complementing Scandinavian decor. 

Keep To A Minimalist Aesthetic With Abstract Line Art

Abstract line art has a beautiful understated charm and exudes pared back style.Influenced by the likes of Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse contemporary artists have created imaginative collections of clean and calming contour drawings.Using a single continuous line or lines, they express power in their simplicity as seen in the work of the artist LouLou Avenue. 

This abstract 'One Soul' face line drawing below by artist LouLou Avenue is one of the artists most striking artworks. Room 356 offer a selection of her prints which make perfect wall decor when displayed on their own or as part of an art wall. Her work, mostly with ink or charcoal, is both ethereal and pure. 

Hang Wall Art By Your Favourite Artist or Artists

Hanging a piece or pieces of art by your favourite artist is a great way to stamp your personality on a room. It can't fail but to say a lot about who you are. This is even more so when that artist is well known and recognisable as, for example, in the artwork below by David Hockney 'A Bigger Splash'. Painted in 1967 this is probably Hockney's most famous artwork. He is considered one of the most influential and popular artists of the 20th century.

Hockney was one of the most famous artists involved in the pop art movement of the 1960s. Pop art is a style of art that is bright and full of colour. It was made as a reaction by artists who viewed a lot of gallery art as lifeless and boring.


Display Personal Photography To Create An Intimate Mood

Wall art can be even more personal and meaningful when we choose to display our own or professionally taken photographs of our friends and family. 

A great way to do this is to design and create an art wall filled with your favourite pictures which will evoke wonderful memories.

Black and white family portrait photos in simple matching monochrome frames can be a very stylish way to do this in a minimalist setting as shown below.


Use Typography to Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say

Typography is an ideal way to use wall art not only as decoration but as another way to be sure to let people know who you are and where you're coming from. Checkout this simple but effective pair of typography wall prints, two words artistically presented which can speak volumes. They offer a reminder to ourselves to relax and be in the moment. They create a calming and at the same time stylish ambience.


Wall art is often the finishing touch that makes a room complete. It is well worth the time spent making sure you achieve the overall effect you desire. You don't need to be an art expert to get it right, in fact there is no right and wrong when it comes to choosing art.

At the end of the day it is all about following our own instincts and going with what we like and what speaks to us. We are the ones who are going to be spending time looking and living with our wall art, it is not there to impress others! 

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