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All White Decor

All White Decor

 White is considered to be the most versatile shade in interior design schemes and projects. Starting with a white room as a blank canvas means endless style options and effects can be considered and achieved.  

All White Decor is far from sterile and boring. It offers opportunities to create varying interior styles including classic and timeless, clean and crisp, calming, romantic and minimalist. 

White paint is often viewed as the perfect back drop and easy option for kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. However, there are over 900 shades of white so choosing the best shade or shades of white for any interior space is far from simple.   

A major consideration when choosing the best white paint for a room is the amount of light and direction entering the space. North facing rooms usually have less natural light and therefore benefit from white paints with warmer red and yellow undertones. These whites will lift a north-facing room making it feel cosier . 

If you want to achieve the appearance of true white in a south-facing room choose cooler tones which will balance out the warmth of the natural light and create a softer white which is perfect for a room that gets lots of light and sun.


An all white bedroom colour palette is ideal for creating a calming, relaxing space to unwind in at the end of the day. Keep the space clutter free and accessories to a minimum to maximise the peaceful dreamy ambience.

Add interest to a white bedroom by introducing different textures and layers. Dress the bedroom with items including crisp white bed linen, warm knitted cushions, sensual furry sheepskin cushions and rugs. All these touches will help create the effect of sleeping on a cloud. 

The dreamy all white chic style bedroom below has added depth and character  in the form of the wood panelling and the Mustard Made Storage Unit. The stylish tall creamy white metal double locker is part of a collection of contemporary Mustard Made storage units we offer at Room 356.   

The Twinny in White

White kitchen and dining areas can be very desirable places to cook, eat and to socialise in with friends and family. It is the additional details that will make what could otherwise be a sterile white space interesting. 

Greenery and wooden accents will most certainly add depth and contrast. This can be achieved by adding a collection of low maintenance plants on an open shelf and wooden stools and chairs around a breakfast bar or dining table.   

Accessorise your white kitchen and dining space and stamp your own style on it with the addition of artisan ceramics. Check out our beautifully unique range of white handmade mugs, cups, beakers, vases and candleholders from the talented Tone Von Krogh. Her vases can also be used as candlestick holders.

Medium Snow Stem Vase 

An all white bathroom never goes out of style but can be bland and flat. Alternatively it can be a desirable place for rest and relaxation if completed with creative flair.

Adding different textures and shapes with fixtures and accessories such as marble fittings, curved baths and sinks and fluffy white towels and robes will give a white bathroom an air of sophistication, luxury and   indulgence. 

Although a stunning bathroom like the one below is far out of the reach of most of our budgets and much less likely to fit into our own homes it demonstrates the beauty of curves, textures and simple accessories to achieve the essence of elegance and good taste in an otherwise flat white space. 


Consider accessorising your white room or home with affordable and stylish white finishing touches. The small details can make a big difference. Include handmade individual pieces in the form of trays to display and store toiletries, candles for when luxuriating in your bath and vases for the shelves and windowsills.  

Mari Snow Bud Vase 


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