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3 Decor Ideas For Small Spaces

3 Decor Ideas For Small Spaces

Living in a house or apartment with limited space can prove challenging when it comes to knowing how to make it both stylish and practical at the same time.

We wanted to inspire you with 3 Decor ideas for small spaces. Finding creative ways to utilise limited square footage can make your home look more spacious and open than it actually is.  

A good place to start is to plan and defining how each area is to be used.  Secondly consider the best ways to keep your space clean and organized. Thirdly take into account the dimensions of each room before buying furniture and fittings for your smaller dwelling.

1) Choose Multi Functional Furniture For Areas To Be Used For More Than One Purpose.

Investing in double duty furnishings is one very effective way to optimise floor space in any room or area.  

One example would be your dining area which you may also need to use as office space during the day. In this case consider choosing a desk which can also double up as a dining table in the evening.

Our versatile and compact plywood table below is perfect for both eating and working from. At the same time the exposed hairpin legs give the table a lighter more uncluttered feel and don't detract from the feeling of openess you want to achieve when space is at a premium.   

Where space is very limited consider investing in a good quality sofa which can also double up as a bed. The super stylish sofa bed below would definitely be an asset to any space which needs to serve a dual purpose. Create a smart multifunctional area for both living and sleeping.


2) Choose Furniture That Can Also Provide Storage Space 

Living in a smaller property means it is much easier for the space to get messy and cluttered. The most effective solution for keeping the area looking clean and tidy is to choose furniture which can also be used for storage 

The attractive and practical Oak Slimline Bathroom Cabinet below takes up minimal wall space. It offers both an external mirror and internal magnifying mirror whilst also providing generous storage space for bathroom toiletries.

The versatile and unique metal Mustard Made Sage Storage Locker below makes a great TV Cabinet and media unit whilst also offering ample enclosed storage space.


3) Invest in Customised Furniture Made To Fit The Rooms Dimensions.  

If you are living in a smaller apartment or home it is important to think about scale. This is important in any room, but especially in smaller ones.

Standard or larger pieces of furniture can look out of place and overwhelm a room with limited space. Buying furniture which can be made to the exact dimensions you require is a perfect way to avoid this.

At Room 356 we offer a quality as well as affordable service for bespoke desks, dining tables, console tables and shelving. 

Below is one of our ever popular handmade Open Console Tables which provide both display and storage space and, at the same time, can be customised to your specific dimension requirements.

Open shelving is an ideal way to make the most of vertical space. Make the most of every nook and cranny and choose custom fit shelves on a narrow wall or alcove to create a decorative as well as more practical and functional space.

Our Open Scandi Style Wall Shelves above can be made to the exact measurements you require and can be used to showcase your favourite handmade ceramics as well as  storing and keeping organised recipe books.    

We believe that with the right layouts, furnishings, creative and organization skills, even the smallest of dwellings can look more spacious without ever having to compromise on style.