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Scandinavian Furniture

Scandinavian Furniture

We had been considering for some time the idea of adding a range of contemporary furniture to our website. We wanted to include pieces which would compliment and sit well with our pared back minimalist aesthetic. With this in mind we decided to create our own exclusive individual range based on Scandinavian Furniture design principles of classic simple style along with functionality. 

We were determined to have a UK handmade furniture range created by a skilled artisan craftsman. We have been able to achieve this and our Scandinavian Furniture Collection is lovingly made exclusively for us in a small, locally based workshop in the Manchester area, very near to our premises.

Selling sustainable furniture was a very important consideration when making decisions as to the type of wood we would choose to use for our first Scandinavian inspired furniture range. It didn't take long for us to realise that plywood was the ideal choice, being sourced from approved sustainable forests. 

Plywood furniture was becoming increasingly popular due not only to the fact it originates from sustainable sources but also due to it's strength and durability which is far greater than lots of other types of wood. We want our furniture to stand the test of time and not be a throw away commodity. We are convinced we have achieved this with our choice of plywood to make our console tables, desks, dining tables, shelves and side tables. 

Scandinavian Furniture has a blend of understated style that is both beautiful and functional at the same time. With the often used but very true saying of every minimalist of 'less is more' we focused on making our furniture as uncomplicated as possible. We wanted to sell a range that would be as unfussy as could be whilst at the same time definitely getting noticed for all the right reasons. The clean simple lines of our plywood furniture pieces are a perfect reflection of this. 

Affordability is also a big consideration when we add any new products to our website. As with all our homeware we wanted our furniture products to be within the reach of most of our discerning customers budgets without compromising on style and quality. We feel the collection of plywood furniture we are offering fits this brief also. 

With all the above in mind so began our journey into creating the beginnings of our first exciting Scandinavian Furniture Collection almost a year ago. Each piece, apart from our shelving, has mid century inspired heavy duty metal hairpin legs. We believe, and hope you will agree, that they are the ideal choice to compliment the sleek, streamlined plywood table tops. In keeping with our emphasis on minimalist design principles we offer the hairpin legs in a choice of two colours, matte black and matte white. The hairpin legs are also designed and made in the UK which is another important reason we chose them.  

The furniture arrives with the customer flat packed, the hairpin legs are easy to screw in and this allows for easy transportation of the furniture when moving house. The two legged three rod hairpin pieces on the console tables, apartment desks and apartment dressing tables have brackets to screw the table tops into the wall to ensure maximum stability.  

We wanted to retain the pale natural light reflecting grained finish of the plywood and to do this each piece of furniture is treated with a special oil which protects the wood from scratches and stains whilst at the same time maintaining the 'raw' characteristics of untreated wood.

Each piece of the furniture is offered in a choice of three designs; Flat , Open and End Grain. The simple clean lines of the Flat Collection offer a very versatile contemporary affordable range. The Scandi Flat Console Table and Scandi Flat  Desk are two of the bestselling furniture choices with our customers.

The Open Console Table is ideal for those who are looking for a little storage space to put small items such as keys, magazines, gloves, scarves and hats within easy access when entering or leaving the house. We offer the Open Console Table as well as the Flat Console Table in a choice of two heights. The taller one is often bought by customers who are wishing to purchase a hall table which will sit above an entrance way central heating radiator. 

The End Grain Range is a premium range, it has a contemporary and unique appearance. This furniture takes longer to make, being made up of numerous bonded strips of wood that have been left exposed to make a contemporary, eye catching feature of the ply layers. The End Grain Furniture is a popular buy for those who are looking for a piece of furniture that stands out from the crowd without being complicated or over decorative. The End Grain Dining Table along with the Flat and Open desk designs have been in great demand since last March when lockdown began and more people began working from home.   

We have already begun to add new pieces of furniture to our Scandinavian Furniture Range as we have begun to get to know what our customers needs and wants are. Two of our latest additions are our Apartment Desk and our Apartment Dressing Table. Each of these is narrower than most desks and dressing tables on the market and each is ideal for areas where living and working space is at a premium.  

As well as offering a choice of specific dimensions for each furniture product we sell we are also able to offer customised furniture sizes. Sometimes customers have particular requirements regarding dimensions to fit the spaces they would like to place the furniture. We have already found that this has been a regular request regarding our wall mounted shelves and dining tables in particular.  These pieces may take a little longer to make and deliver but are well worth the wait. 

The ongoing success of our Scandinavian plywood furniture collection has inspired us to continue to design and create new pieces of furniture. We will take the lead from our customers and build on our reputation for quality and affordability combined our desire to create calm, uncluttered light and airy living space.