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Storage Solutions For Your Home

Storage Solutions For Your Home

 During the Coronavirus Pandemic the majority of us have been spending much more time not only living but also working and home schooling in our homes. This has prompted many of us to take a look at how we can organise our interiors to feel more spacious, uncluttered and stylish.

One major storage solution is introducing more practical storage which also serves to enhance the beauty of our houses. 

Adding the most appropriate storage to keep each room neat and tidy is also a great way to reduce our stress levels and create a calm and relaxed environment. This is especially important at this difficult and unpredictable time in all our lives when anxiety levels can be higher than usual.  

Our focus has been on looking at chic and at the same time affordable home storage solutions for each room. This includes living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and hallways. In keeping with our room356 ethos we have chosen to consider functional storage which also offers minimalist and Scandi influenced design credentials.    

Open and floating shelves are a great way to create extra storage space in any room in the house. Shelves create ideal space in the kitchen for items such as crockery, cooking utensils and recipe books. In a home office work space they are a perfect way to keep work folders and files in an organised and easily accessible state. As well as offering extra storage this style of shelf also serves as a perfect opportunity to display ceramics and other decorative pieces in living and bedroom spaces.

In smaller areas heavy wall cupboards can make a small room seem even smaller and darker. On the other hand open storage can lighten the ambience of a room and add an extra dimension to an interior. Open shelving will also serve to add interest to an otherwise blank wall space.

There are other advantages of hanging open and floating shelves in  small or narrow spaces. These include the absence of doors to open and close and the fact no floor space is taken up as would be the case with a bookshelf or cabinet. 

We offer two styles of plywood open Scandi Shelves in a choice of lengths at Room 356. Each of these pale, light minimalist shelves can be purchased with either sturdy steel matte black or white prism or suspense brackets. These shelves are perfect for a variety of storage uses as well as display purposes and for use in any room in the home. We are also able to customise the dimensions on request so they fit perfectly into an alcove space. 

Console tables can offer a chic hallway storage solution. They are a great way of keeping small items such as keys, laptops, gloves and scarves neat and tidy and in one place. These pieces are then easily accessed when leaving the house in a hurry for work or school. At the same time hallway tables offer the opportunity to display small decorative ceramics and pieces of art in an otherwise empty one dimensional area.

We have designed the narrow Scandi Open Console Table exactly for the purpose of conveniently and unobtrusively storing items within easy reach. This console table comes with a choice of black or white metal hairpin legs and is an ideal piece of  storage furniture for areas with limited square footage. These tables have proved extremely popular with our customers, especially those who enjoy apartment style living.

We really like the design of this simple and versatile entryway table (see below) which also includes a lower shelf for storing shoes and boots in an organised fashion. This contemporary piece of furniture does away with unsightly piles of footwear left randomly to trip over on the hallway floor!

Multifunctional furniture can be a creative and innovative way to utilise more storage space where square footage is at a premium. Instead of opting for single use furniture consider adding furniture that can convert easily from one use to another.

An example of this type of furniture is our lightweight space saving Scandi Apartment Desk. This desk can also be used as a dressing table or console table when required. It offers an effective way to transform a table for a variety of uses in an area where space is limited.

We love this clever design of a smart coffee table below which also serves as a small desk. What a great idea for someone working from home who isn't able to have a separate home office space for a permanent desk. Once the work day is over the desk will fold neatly away and out of sight. This leaves the home owners free to enjoy the evenings and weekends without the reminder of work constantly staring them in the face. 

Another great 'dual purpose' storage solution is a trunk or ottoman which also doubles as a seat or a coffee table. Trunks offers generous space to store shoes, clothes, blankets and towels whilst also providing extra seating. These are particularly suitable for both bedroom and hallway areas.

Baskets are a perfect decorative means of storing so many objects which would otherwise be left littering floor space. They can be placed around the home and used to store items such as toys, magazines, blankets, towels and throws. The list is endless.

Rattan, wicker, wire and metal baskets in all shapes and sizes provide inexpensive, attractive and versatile storage solutions. Those with lids are a perfect way to quickly and effectively tidy up and hide random bits and pieces of clutter out of sight before guests arrive. 

We love these large lidded neutral sea grass baskets which not only make it easy to store all sorts of stuff but also add interest, warmth and texture to an otherwise empty space.  

Place baskets on open shelves, lower shelves of coffee or console tables or under beds to store all those smaller items neatly in one place. 

How good do this group of baskets look on floating shelves.This is a great way to organise lots of bits and bobs without compromising on style.

Wall hooks and coat racks are a simple affordable minimalist solution for hanging a multitude of items including coats, hats, scarves, bags, towels and tea towels.

With a wide choice of decorative and stylish hooks on offer there is plenty of opportunity to brighten up and utilize an otherwise blank stretch of wall space for storage. Hooks also leave floor space free to utilise with even more storage products.

Room356 offer a selection of handmade round beech wood wall hooks in two sizes. We offer a choice of natural, brass and copper finishes and the addition of a soft leather hoop if desired. The are made with natural materials which gives them a warm organic aesthetic. The various hook options allow you to mix and match them in order to create your own personal style and accommodate your particular storage requirements.

Trays come in all shapes, sizes and materials and are a practical as well as a decorative way to keep smaller groups of items organised and stored neatly all in one place.

Bathrooms can soon feel messy with toiletries scattered in various nooks and crannies. To make collections of bathroom essentials easier to locate whilst at the same looking pretty group them together on a tray which will sit comfortably on a shelf or windowsill.

Our own ceramic white and black speckled wave trays in both large and small sizes are a lovely way to display a group of bathroom toiletries. At the same time bath oils, shower gels, shampoos and conditioners can be kept all in one accessible space in an orderly fashion.

These original Scandi trays also make great desktop organisers for pens and pencils. Add one of the matching speckled beakers to hold more bits and pieces. 

 Add trays to dressing tables and bedside cabinets to keep groups of trinkets, jewellery, make-up and perfumes together.

Check out the wide range of black, grey and white terrazzo round and oval  concrete trays on our website.  These trays are generously sized to hold and display a sizeable collection of items. They are lovingly handmade in small batches in the UK by Concrete Goods based in Hertfordshire. 

Another collection of trays which has proved very popular with our customers has been our Danish black rubber trays. These sturdy and practical trays are ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms and can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth.

The decorative trays are made from strong, durable polyurethane rubber. We offer a choice or round and rectangular designs in large and small sizes. Add a matching rectangular, square or round rubber pot to hold kitchen utensils or toothbrushes and toothpaste

Sej Design, who make the trays, is a Danish family run business which started out over a century ago making rubber soles for shoes and has successfully moved to designing and making distinctive home accessories. 

It's a good idea to declutter your home before considering the correct storage solutions for each room. When you have let go of all the items you no longer need or get pleasure from you can start to organise your home with the types of storage which work best for you.

Remember organised living doesn't mean sacrificing style. You can maximise small spaces with a multitude of creative storage options. There are so many innovative ways to introduce storage solutions that leave your home looking fresher, cleaner and feeling more airy and spacious.  Once you've introduced all your new ways to effectively store your stuff you can sit back, relax and enjoy your mess free home environment.