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Japandi Style

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We have come to increasingly love and embrace what has become known as Japandi style. Scandinese or Japanordic style, as it has also been labelled, is a hybrid trend where east meets west. The result is an aesthetically pleasing minimalism incorporating the shared love of clean lines, natural materials and craftsmanship. 



Japanese homes tend to be well organised, uncluttered places of balance and harmony. Scandi homes are primarily places of comfort and calm. Both share a desire to create functional spaces enhanced by a few statement pieces.


Scandi design has an emphasis on a more neutral colour scheme with furniture and accessories having a more relaxed rustic feel. Furniture is made from light oaks and accessories are in cool tones of light greys, pale pinks and pastel blues and greens. There is a focus on comfort in the home which includes adding accent pieces like rugs, throws and cushions. Japanese is a more refined style incorporating often curved low furniture in darker and stained woods. This is  complemented by adding warm accents of darker richer colours like charcoal greys, indigo, navy blues and deep greens. Both styles enjoy adding natural elements like indoor plants to breathe life and a sense of vibrancy into a room. Their presence brings tranquility softness, colour and energy to the space.

When Japanese and Scandi styles are mixed together something really special occurs. There becomes a meeting of softness and warmth, dark and light, curved and straight lines. Ordered balance becomes mixed with comfort and calm.
Take a look at our Swedish Lindorm bud vases and our black and midnight blue Swedish Cooee ball vases. Both ranges reflect Japanese minimalist style combined with Nordic design.

Our coffee brewer collection from Kinto, Japan is another great example of Japandi tableware at it’s most stylish.

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